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What We Offer

Wildlife & Landscape Fine Art Photography from all over the world including Penguins from Antarctica, Sharks from Australia & Mexico, Grisly Bears from Alaska, Polar Bears from Canada, Leopards from Africa, Tigers from India, Whales from the South Pacific and Pandas from China.  I and my Dad (Ray) have spent over 30 years, traveled to seven continents and taken hundreds of thousands of images in order to present the pictures shown here.


Limited Edition Prints

All prints sold on this site are personally signed by one of us.


The larger size prints are also numbered and are limited to 250 prints. We use only top quality materials, including exhibition quality pigmented inks, photo luster paper, acid free foam core mounting boards and conservation quality mat boards. Every one of our photographic prints is done from the master image, one at a time, by hand, and are sold only as art. The images have never been published.


The images shown on this site are pictures that we now offer, or have offered for sale, at the many art shows we do every year. The pictures shown here have all “made their bones” as images we have successfully sold on the art show circuit. The pictures are basically of wildlife and nature scenes. The wildlife is from all over the world and is truly wild. We have no pictures from zoos.

Wildlife & Landscape Fine Art Photography

We are a father (Ray) and son (Steve) team of professional wildlife & Landscape fine art photographers. We make our living selling photographic prints, as art, in juried art shows across the United States. Every image on this site has been photographed by one of us. Ray uses only film cameras and Steve uses only digital cameras.


We use our love of the outdoors and natures beauty as our guide. The goal of our work is twofold, to elicit an emotional response and to evoke a sense of wonder and mystery at the natural beauty that surrounds us. It is one thing to take a picture of a scene; but, it is much harder to take an image that can convey the raw power and beauty of nature. Our photography is a small prism into that world.


Our Guarantee

Those of you that have seen our work at an Art Show, know the vibrant colors, the exquisite detail, and the exceptionally high quality of the photographs. For those of you that haven’t personally seen our work, “Trust Us”, it’s very good.


The problem with showing high quality photographs on the Web is the huge image size and impossibly long download times required. Scanning a negative on a high quality drum scanner or creating a high quality digital image can produce a file over 150 MB in size. To load images this size would just take too long, so we have compressed all images on this site.


So our guarantee is simple. If you receive anything from us that you are not completely satisfied with, return it within 60 days and you will receive a full refund, no questions asked.

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