Educational use of Images

We our living selling our copyrighted photographic prints as art.  For that reason we don’t want to see our work copied for commercial purposes.  On the other hand, we at Doan’s Photography believe in ‘Fair Use’ of our photos on the net, and the camaraderie of our fellow web surfers.

A great number of school children and students visit our site.  We do not want to prevent them from using material on our web site, for legitimate educational purposes.  We have purposely not used any of the web copy protection methods available, to prevent copying of our work.  We therefore authorize ‘Fair Use’ of our work for educational and non-commercial purposes.  If you copy our work please provide a photo credit and where ever possible a hyperlink to our web site.

Educational uses of our images, in applications that will result in sales or income, will require an appropriate fee.  The free educational use of our pictures is for the low resolution images taken directly from this web site.  For educational – non sales use, we can provide a high resolution image on a CD, for a fee of $50.00 plus shipping.


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