Bolivia & Chile Photography

This Bolivia & Chile Photography Trip was arranged through a tour group that I have used many times: Joseph Van Os Photo Safaris. The main goal of this trip is to photograph the Atacama Desert and the Salar De Uyuni (Salt Flats) in Bolivia during the rainy season. This tour group typically arranges photo trip […]

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Drake Passage

The Drake Passage

Everyone who travels to Antarctica from Argentina has a story to tell about the Drake Passage. Here’s one of ours The Drake Passage is the body of water from Cape Horn to the Antarctic Peninsula. It is known as the roughest ocean in the world. Satellite images show a cyclonic low of basically hurricane strength […]

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Antarctic circle Party

The Antarctic Circle Party

On our many voyages to the Continent we had been in pack ice with 90% to almost solid ice. It got boring with the same smashing of ice all day and all night, although there really wasn’t night. The sky was solid overcast so we couldn’t tell where the sun was but from about 11PM […]

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Emperor Penguin Rookery

Life Cycle of the Emperor Penguin

The Emperor Penguin is the only penguin that nests on the ice, all other penguins nest on bare ground. Nests isn’t a good word for the Emperors because they don’t make a nest, the male Emperor incubates the egg on his feet. To us it’s amazing this bird survives at all, after we’ve seen firsthand […]

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German Reasearch Station

The German Research Station

There was a German Research Station near the first Emperor Penguin rookery we visited. If you wanted to go they would fly us over for a visit with the helicopters. I wasn’t sure I wanted to take the time away from Emperor Penguin photography but I decided to go anyway and I found it very […]

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Blue Iceburg

The Blue Iceberg from Antarctica

After photographing Emperor Penguins at the Continental Ice Shelf my voyage aboard the Ice Breaker was continuing on toward the Falkland Islands. In the Scotia Sea we happened upon this magnificent¬†Blue Iceberg from Antarctica. A common reaction to seeing images of this Blue Iceberg is to ask, ‘Is this real?’ or ‘How did you make […]

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King Penguins on SOuth Georgia Island

King Penguin Rookeries – South Georgia Island

South Georgia Island is on the same latitude as the Falkland Islands and although it is 800 miles away from the Falklands it is politically part of the Falklands. While it is on the same latitude as the Falklands, it has an entirely different climate. The Falklands have green grass and a climate suitable for […]

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CYpress Gardens

Cypress Gardens – Charleston, South Carolina

We first visited Cypress Gardens many years ago, before Hurricane Hugo came to visit the Charleston area. Hurricane Hugo dramatically changed Cypress Gardens because it knocked down virtually every hardwood tree in the park and left standing all of the Cypress Trees. The result, after several years of cleanup, is a beautiful open airy place […]

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Emerald Coast-1

Emerald Coast Beaches – Florida Panhandle

Some of our favorite beaches are in the Florida Panhandle near Destin, Florida. There is a particularly nice beach on the Eglin Air Force Base between Destin and Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. There are also beautiful beaches in the National Seashore area on Santa Rosa Island east of Pensacola, Florida. Our favorite time of year […]

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The entrance to Upper Antelope Canyon near Page, Arizona

Slot Canyons of the Southwest

When I decided that I wanted to get some of those wonderful abstract images that occur in the very narrow canyons called ‘Slots’ I traveled to Page, Arizona. Slot canyons are formed by seasonal rivers flowing over soft sandstone. They may be 60 feet deep or more and only a few feet wide. They are […]

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