Picture Sizes / Quality

The following chart shows all of our overall matted and framed sizes together with the corresponding photographic print size – in inches.

Matted SizePrint SizeMetal FrameWood FramePremium Frame
with Linen Liner
11x147x1011¼ x 14¼12 x 15N/A
16x2010x1416¼ x 20¼ 17 x 21N/A
16x20 Panoramic6.625x1616¼ x 20¼17 x 21N/A
14x28 Triple(3) - 7x1014¼ x 28¼15 x 29N/A
14x28 Panoramic8x2014¼ x 28¼15 x 29N/A
26x3218x2426¼ x 32¼27 x 3329 x 35
32x4022x3032¼ x 40¼33 x 4233 x 41
24x48 Panorama17x4024¼ x 48¼26 x 5028 x 51
30x66 Panorama24x60N/AN/A35 x 71

Those of you that have seen our work at an Art Show know the vibrant colors, the exquisite detail, and the exceptionally high quality of the photographs.  For those of you that haven’t personally seen our work, ‘Trust Us’, it’s very good.

The problem with showing high quality photographs on the web is the huge image sizes and impossibly long download times required.  Scanning a negative on a high quality drum scanner can produce a file over 150 MB in size and some of the larger digital images can approach twice that size.

Since a lot of monitors are only 800 pixels wide we have reduced the image sizes on our web site to 600px. If we go any larger the download times can increase dramatically. Finally we add JPEG compression to the file and save a lower quality file (which really means a smaller file) so the download times are reduced even further. The images are still very good but the actual images are even better.

So, ‘Trust Us’, if you place an order, the photographic print you receive will look a lot better than I’ve been able to show you here on the web.  To back that up that statement we offer the following:

Our Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back

Our guarantee is simple. If you receive anything from us that you are not completely satisfied with, return it within 60 days and you will receive a full refund, including shipping, no questions asked.

In general terms we offer 2 very different formats of pictures:

  • A standard format – that is more or less square
  • A panoramic format – that is long and rectangular

Images offered in a standard format can’t be made into a panoramic format and vice versa. Also, a horizontal picture can’t be changed to a vertical picture.

The Standard format pictures are available in Triples, 8×10, 11×14, 16×20, 26×32 and 32×40 sizes.

The Panoramic format pictures are available in 16×20 Panorama, 14×28, 24×48 and 30×66 sizes.

It is possible to print different pictures sizes than what we list, but the basic format has to stay the same. That is the final picture size must maintain the same aspect ratio as the original image, so standard format picture can’t be printed in a panoramic format nor can panoramic picture be printed in a standard format. Also, a horizontal image must stay horizontal and the same for a vertical image.

If you are looking for something special please contact us for details.